French Clocks


French Antique Clocks
by Brian J Short


There are many types of French antique clocks still about today dating from the 17th century right up until the 20th century.


The most popular ones still around are the carriage clock and the black marble clock which turn up in auctions, eBay and other sales.


French carriage clocks became popular in the 19th century as were the black marble which carried on into the 20th century.

The black marble type were a slate which was mined in Belgium and was very popular in the Victorian period.


These French clocks were normally 8-day movements with or without strike and made in many sizes and styles and are still around.


The movements in these are very good and can still be repaired successfully, the still have good time keeping and are well worth repairing although they are not to every ones taste.


The carriage clock was made in an 8-day movement as a none strike, strike with alarm,  ¼ strikes  repeats and Grande Sonnerie, these being the most expensive and still so.

Most carriage styles have 4 glass sides but there are those made with metal and porcelain side panels too.


Carriage clocks are still very popular and again well worth repairing as these will match in to any home be it a modern, classic or older style property. I would always recommend these as an ideal present


As I have said earlier there are many types and styles in the French clock and normally no problem in getting them repaired but I always need to examine them and normally give an estimate for repair first.


If you would like any further information regarding a repair to an antique French clock please email or phone and I will be pleased to help.